My interest in the natural sciences appeared in the early childhood, with Astronomy being the first one to grab my attention. I was fascinated by the boundless space full of massive scorching stars, wandering icy comets and illusory but deadly black holes, which we are able to detect only by their influence on the nearby objects. Being a seven year old boy I already knew the names, main characteristics and moons of all planets in the Solar System, as well as constellations and galaxies. And in order to organize my desire for learning more and more, I started drawing space objects in special albums, copying images from various books and presenting my own observations through my spyglass. I borrowed almost all books on Astronomy in my school library to draw structures of planets, types of stars, and mechanisms of spaceships.
Below you can see some of my earliest drawings.

This is how my series of drawing albums called “The World around Us” were created.

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