Besides space objects and spacecrafts I also drew and wrote about the planet Earth with its geographical spheres, human organs and systems, designs of various mechanisms and machines, etc. I continued borrowing books not only from the school library, but also from friends and relatives.
And one day I got my hands on the collection of seven books called “Jizini Jivotnyh (The Life of Animals)”, which became the very first push to my interest in Biological sciences.

I really enjoyed studying these books. Although they were written in a pure scientific language, I understood most of the content. And I began drawing the pictures of Protozoa (microorganisms), Arachnida (spiders), Insecta (insects), Aves (birds) and other living beings based on the images in the books.
Here are some of the drawings from my albums:

Observing and reading about all the wonderful creations of the Nature, I became excited and passionate about the natural sciences, like Zoology, Genetics, Bionics, Ecology, and so on. I started to have entomological excursions, do research work by myself, and, of course, write poems about the natural wonders of the Earth. The latter can be found at my blog “Alexander Ischenco – The Thoughts”.
Most of the drawings, research works and early stories were collected and arranged into an anthology consisting of 7 albums.
Thus, the encyclopedia called “Mir Vokrug Nas (The World Around Us)” was created.