Spring… Trees are blooming, spreading the sweet, exciting aroma in the air. Their fresh, tender leaves are covered with the crystal drops of the morning dew. Birds are preparing to meet the new sunny day with their sonorous, melodious songs. Small black ants and red-and-black bugs are marching in the young grass in search for breakfast. Fluffy bumblebees have already found a place to have a snack – the white flowers of an apple-tree. And now they are buzzing slowly around them seeking for a flower full of the sweetest nectar.

All this shines in the golden and warm rays of the morning sun…


- Revolution!!!... – the angry shout spreads all over the plaza, and hundreds of stones are hurled into the air. They hit the metal shields of policemen and fall on the asphalt filled with pieces of paper, glass and plastic bottles. The strikers once again raise the flags of their country and make another attempt to smash the resisting policemen. The latter retreat from the damaged building of the Presidency waiting for the fire brigades to arrive for support. The young people demanding the overthrow of the current government meet this action with a victorious cry. They put together the damaged furniture taken from the Presidency and set it ablaze. One of the members of the crowd, a bit drunk and dirty, raises the flag and waves it from one side to another.

The roar rises higher and higher…


Humans… How pitiful are your revolutions, how comical is your politics, and how poisonous is your thirst for Power. Look around you! The Life continues to exist no matter which party has won the elections. Trees continue to bloom and birds continue to sing despite the number of buildings ruined. And the large forests, beautiful hills and twisting rivers of your country continue to shine under the golden rays of the life-giving sun indifferent of what you, Homo sapiens, consider to be right and wrong.

However, in case the Nature feels your constantly rising ignorance or negative attitude towards Her, She will easily hit, and smash, and eliminate you, and no party or president will be able to defend your weak bodies and vulnerable minds.


In the cartoon with the same name the Beauty and the Beast fell in love with each other, with the Beast turning into a handsome, kind and loving prince.

Homo sapiens, can YOU do the same?

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