As the mankind’s negative impact on the planet Earth escalates, so does the number of people wishing to reduce and even stop it. Mr. Yann Arthus-Bertrand seems to be a good example of such planet supporters. The movie “HOME” is his contribution to make the human population of the Earth aware of the beauty of their home world, the threat they represent to it, and the ways of changing it into the “opportunity to prosper in harmony”.

The movie will be released on 05.06.2009 (World Environment Day) in more than 50 countries at once. It is said to be available on every format: at cinemas, on TV, DVDs, and Internet.
You can watch the “HOME” trailer HERE.

Press conference
with the author of the movie “HOME” is available HERE:

On June 5th I have a date with the Planet.
What about YOU?

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