Virus (in Latin means “poison”) – a microscopic infectious agent that is able to reproduce only in a cell of other organism. When it infiltrates into the host cell, the virus uses its resources and mechanisms to construct new virus particles (virions) that spread onto other cells. Viruses are not capricious in choosing their victims: they infect all types of living beings, including bacteria, plants, animals, and, of course, humans. And they feel themselves quite good everywhere – you can find these unseen assassins in almost every ecosystem on the Earth.

Pretty nasty guys, aren’t they?

Well, there is a theory that the way of life, behavior and impact on the environment of viruses is similar to the ones of another living being on this planet. Although the latter is a multicellular highly-developed creature that is usually drawn at the top of the evolution ladder, it also cannot develop without the “host cell” (in this case, the planet) and its resources, causing constant degradation of its “home”.
You should have guessed that it is we, humans, that are compared with the deadly viruses.

This rather strange and unexpected theory has even been reflected in some world-famous movies, including the science fiction trilogy “The Matrix”.
Here is a short video from this film with a character stating the above-mentioned point:

So, here is some spicy food for thought:
Are we really the virus? If yes, what is the cure?

And most importantly:
Do YOU want to be considered the DISEASE or the CURE?

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