Imagine yourself meeting a person from the year 2055. He attentively looks in your eyes, sighs and says:
“Why are you so stupid?”
It is needless to ask about your reaction to such words. Insult and anger blind your logic that would probably inquire why he said that. Perhaps there is a piece of truth in his words… perhaps you have done something wrong… and perhaps it is going to have terrible consequences for the future…

This is the primary purpose of the new movie “Age of Stupid”: to inform the modern society about its negative influence on the planet Earth, the global climate change as one of its consequences and the disastrous outcome it might bring to our future generations.

The Global Premiere of the movie will be launched on 21/22.09.2009 (the eve of the UN General Assembly’s climate session) in more than 50 countries.
You can watch the “Age of Stupidtrailer HERE.

I recommend you to watch the movie and think about this:
Would you like the period of our generation to be called the Age of Stupid? If not, what could and should we do about this issue?

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