“I am innocent!...” – cried Svetlana Svetlichnaya in the old Soviet comedy called “Brilliantovaya ruka (The Diamond Arm)”. Nowadays similar cries are heard coming from the scientists, who disagree with the human cause of the global climate change. They provide arguments that the destructible climate cataclysms had already happened in the past, when there was not even a single footstep of Homo sapiens. Cataclysms of those times caused many species of plants and animals to become just fossils in our museums, and the reasons of their appearance were related to the activity of the Sun, changes in the Earth’s orbit (Milankovitch cycles), unexpected guests from Outer Space (comets, meteorites), volcanic activity, etc. Thus, the whole point of these scientists is that Human is too weak to become the cause of such significant processes, as the global climate change, and that the Nature is the one dictating climate situation on our planet.
Truth to say, the supporters of such point of view have certain credibility. The geological period called the “Ice (Glacial) Age” is a perfect supporting example here.
Still, we, human beings, are not so innocent after all. For we have joined forces with such powerful ally as the Time. It is true that in spite of all innovations in the area of global climate control the Mankind cannot and will never be able to fully succeed here. But due to our greedy consumption and careless usage of natural resources we increase the chances of global climate cataclysm and hasten its incoming. All natural processes that normally take thousands and millions of years to produce sensible impact on the global level and therefore can be prevented, nowadays happen within just several hundred years, not allowing living organisms to adapt to such abrupt changes. This is why we are to be considered guilty for the current climate change trends.
Nevertheless, our negative impact can be transformed into positive one… and also with the help of the powerful Time. Especially when the Time is NOW – the “NOW” of the UN Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP-15)!

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